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de acordo com eles, as marcas de luxo so vendidas

19 lojas da Paulista vendem bolsas piratas por at R Dezenove lojas de trs shoppings populares da Avenida Paulista, tradicional carto postal de So Paulo, vendem bolsas de luxo falsificadas e outros produtos piratas de marcas famosas. A concluso est no relatrio de uma empresa particular de investigao econmica no Brasil, contratada por fabricantes de artigos de grife da Frana. O relatrio de carter sigiloso e ainda no foi encaminhado s autoridades responsveis por fiscalizar e coibir o comrcio ilegal. De acordo com o documento, mais quatro lojas de um shopping da regio central da capital paulista foram flagradas vendendo imitaes de etiquetas luxuosas. OG1teve acesso a vdeos, fotos e trechos do relatrio, produzido entre abril e outubro do ano passado (veja o vdeo acima). Procurada pela reportagem, a Unio dos Fabricantes (Unifab) da Frana, que representa as grifes que tiveram seus produtos pirateados em So Paulo, informou que pretende encaminhar a denncia do relatrio a respeito das falsifi

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 4 HOURS IN HEAVEN Yes, I had flown the Concorde. That ultimate time machine. Faster than a speeding bullet. The most beautiful and exciting of all passenger planes. Long, slim and gracefully curved, it still turns heads on runways after 20 years. A monument to 1:1 replica handbags Anglo French cooperation (hence, "concord'), built in defiance of economic reality and social needs. Air France had oversold my original flight, and an agent called wondering if I'd "mind" taking the Concorde instead. I didn't mind. Everything about the Concorde is fast, even the check in. From here I follow the clip clop of high heels bearing two elegantly dressed women, each spraying perfume like a crop duster and toting Louis Vuitton carry ons, to l'Espace Concorde the special lounge. It is laid out like an art gallery large tapestries, brown leather chairs, signed etchings and wall to wall carpeting. There are framed, signed photographs of famous Air France passengers

it is dedicated to refocusing the canon on stories

8 Women Who Invented American Popular Music Bessie Billie Marian Ella Mary Lou Celia Rosetta. By Ann Powers These days history is carried forward on t shirts adorned with Helvetica typeface, studded with ampersands. You've seen one, maybe just yesterday, on somebody at the dog park or in the club. Alcott Austen Bronte Plath great women of Western literature. Or Chanel Louis Vuitton Prada Gucci the most significant houses of haute couture. Sometimes these graphic assertions of taste and knowledge are playful, listing the cast members of TV shows like Friends or Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica the ingredients in pico de gallo. Others make much more serious statements, including anti racist and feminist ones. Helvetica list t shirts exemplify the 21st century impulse to democratize canonization, the process of determining cultural significance. The first acknowledged one, high quality designer replica handbags wholesale actually reinforced existing hierarchies. Released in

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 5 Digital Trends Shaping the Consumer Experience She is a retail consultant and business strategist who specializes in marketing consulting for fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands. The impact of recent economic events has created a lasting shift in the average consumer. Consumers are no longer seeking to use social networks to just broadcast, connect, and share their lives. Now, they also want deeper online and offline experiences for fulfillment. In fact, they prefer those experiences over Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags products. So as marketers, what are the trends driving consumers from a socially based consumption model to one of experience? Here are the top five. 1. Visual Thinking Visual thinking the use and exploration of images as tools for communication began as a trend in education in an attempt to improve learning and retention. Over the 1:1 replica handbags past decade it has evolved and been adopted as a strategy tool for marketers and management firms t